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Regency Elegance


Whincop is an impressive, beautifully proportioned house, standing in formal gardens in an exclusive private drive in Cheam. To Matthew and Lisa Harding, the creation of Whincop was a very special project, because it was built on the site of their former home. This was to be the setting for their vision of a classic, Regency style house,  incorporating every conceivable touch of luxury. “We were inspired by the ... Read More »

HML Holdings


Your property is likely to be your biggest investment. With rental properties in high demand during times of economic crisis, investing in property seems like a good idea. But who does it fall to to manage your responsibilities, not only as a landlord but also as a flat owner? Renting out a leasehold flat is usually very different to renting out a freehold house. A lettings agent will ... Read More »

Evergreen Foliage For Winter Colour


Winter is here and in most gardens herbaceous plants will have all died back, and deciduous trees and shrubs will have dropped all their leaves, so it is now that the evergreen plants come into their own. In the winter these evergreens provide structure in the garden, add interest and colour with their leaves, and whilst some may flower it really is the foliage that is their strength at ... Read More »

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